Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Rome in Three Chapters

Chapter One (Primo Capitolo)

We reached in Rome at noon. Easily find our airbnb home, left our things and in rush to the city center.  Can’t wait a minute. Hey we are in Rome! What a history, what a culture, art, architecture. As we walk through the buildings waiting for the walls of Colosseum  to showed up, sun slowly goes down and make stunning urban landscapes. Camera is on. Taking shots wherever I turn. Every bit of this city it’s a story. And here we are. Grande walls of Colosseum. What a magnificent monument. In sunset its even more beautiful. Surrounded of people from all over the world, all delighted of the view and they enjoy in it. We walked around, found a place to sit down a little, while watching the sunset.
Next stop Piazza di Venezzia. From the Colosseum we saw  it from the distance. This is a really big piece of architecture. Wow! Tourist all over.  
Lights are up. In front of us we saw a sign with arrow “DI Trevi” and of course we followed the sign. Another piece of art, very very crowded. We wait to free a place to sit down near fountain.
Food please! We are tired and hungry. Found nice place in center,  we drank a glass of Italian beer.. it was perfect end  for a wonderful day… be continued