Monday, January 19, 2015

Stone "Dolls" - Kuklici

In the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia, in the village Kuklica, Kratovo region, there is a geological reservation calld "Merry Wedding" known among the people as Kuklici. It is masterpiece of nature.
Local population calls these blocks Dolls (Kukli- Macedonian for Dolls) because of their unusual shape that resembles a human figure.
On the site are located more than 130 stone dolls, which according to the scientists are more than 10 thousand years old.
According to one folk legend, the stone dolls are actually grooms and wedding guests. Wedding, grooms and guests are petrified by the curse of a girl from the village, who was in love with the groom. The girl has cursed all wedding, everyone to be petrified at the moment when the boy would kiss the bride. 
Another legend, however, says that the stone dolls arose also from the curse of an unfortunate girl. A boy from the village scheduled wedding with two girls in the same day. According to contemporary believes, if two brides see each other on the day of their wedding, it is a sign of misfortune. When one of the girls heard the music ran from her house to see who makes the wedding on the same day when it was her wedding. When she saw her boyfriend with another bride, she cursed all present to be petrified.
Scientific studies have shown that stone dolls are actually volcanic rock, created by volcanic erosion. Unusual form of rocks, which is reminiscent of human figures, is the result of minerals.
I had such a wonderful time visiting this rare beauty and is definitely a place that you must visit in Macedonia. 

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